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Specificity, focus, clarity and commitment. This is the magic of 1-on-1 coaching. Two people committed to one person's growth and goals is a powerful place to create from...

"He provides a safe space to be and express while offering and sharing invaluable exercises, perspectives and key concepts. These I find are becoming an essential way of life for me - the results so far are astounding."

1-on-1 Coaching 

I work with many different people. They are, just as you are, unique. They each have their own past, events that have shaped them, some of which they carry forward having empowered themselves through those experiences, some they are avoiding so the gifts within them are yet to been claimed. They have their own unique goals, some will be clear and well defined and others have not yet consciously been accepted. They all have stories they tell themselves in this present moment that define them, and it’s the stories they tell that have the most power in deciding if one on one coaching is right for them.


The individuals that decide they want to work one on one with me and that I decide to work with will already have, or aspire to, a story that is something like this:

‘Its time for me to make a commitment to myself. I want to work with someone that will give me complete honesty while accepting and respecting the person I am, choose to be and what I want to create while bringing a level of commitment that matches my own. I realise that everything I do, the changes I make and the tools I adopt only work because I integrate them and use them from a place that is by me, for me and in the way I see fit and feel is most fitting. I am looking for an expert ‘spotter’ to catalyse the changes I truly desire to make. I want a space to freely express myself. A space that is held for me. Not because I need support, but because I am ready to take the opportunities around me. It’s time to be honest, time to accept, time to respect and time to take action.’


There are those who use my free content, others will join the groups I create and some will choose to work with me one on one. With every option people create amazing changes and, as with everything, the option you take is up to you.

If on reading this you feel emotions stirring within, a desire to act, check-in with yourself. Is it a fear of missing out? Of not being enough? Of ‘needing’ someone there to support?

Or is it a feeling of courage in the face of having truths you have been avoiding reviled to you? A grounded desire to answer a call to action with excitement and anticipation? A calming certainty that this is the best next action for you to take? If you feel this - a pull to work one on one. Gaining the specificity, clarity and commitment that come from the one on one process then don’t hesitate to reach out and book a discovery call.


Let's Work Together

Luke only accepts 5 private clients at one time. This is for people who have prioritised change in their life and are ready to commit to honesty, acceptance and respect in creating what they want. These individuals value focus, clarity and action. If this is you please, click the link, and book your free discovery call.

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