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After nearly ten years in clinical practice, you start to pick up on patterns that repeat the most, the limiting factors that hold back someone's full expression. This is where I found myself and yet I was still only ‘treating’ in a way that was supporting a limited level of growth. Dissatisfied, even after diving deep into numerous yet still valuable therapeutic techniques, there was only one answer. Walk away. Gain a new perspective and see where my approach wanted refining. That's exactly what I did. 


During that time I was able to step away from the constant need to consume more information but consider the wealth of knowledge I had gained from the previous decade, and how to truly apply it to any individual with any goal. A big part of this was applying these processes, principles and guidelines within my own life. Testing and retesting there efficacy and tweaking my approach. During this time, while having no aim to learn more, my learning skyrocketed through doing and living these practices in all areas of my life. This is my journey.


So what did I find to be the primary issue from years in practice and self-reflection? Simple, the separation and isolation from yourself through the suppression of the person you are and can be and the sedation of the pain this has caused in the past, present and is often projected onto the future. If you are reading this and it hits home then don’t be alarmed or overwhelmed. Feel that emotion, for it is the catalyst to change and expansion, indeed it is only present as an indicator to restriction you are ready to move through, and trust me when I say there is a way.


The next question is usually, well what’s the answer? That’s simple, it’s you.


Many people, gurus and mentors will say they have THE way. They don’t, they have A way. A way that has worked for them and their unique challenges and goals but your way will be as unique as you are. However, I have created a valuable framework to reconnecting with your wants and embolden you to take the action that creates real, tangible results.


By applying guidelines, instead of rules, to your unique self and situation, it's not just possible but natural to experience rapid changes in perspective and access opportunities present in your life. This is the catalyst to create - freedom and expansion of expression, relationship, career, finances and anything else you focus on.


Everything that you will implement is ‘by you, for you’ and this is why it’s so powerful. Because you are.


I want to be clear, you are enough. I do not sell or talk to peoples lack and pain, though you will come to embrace these parts of you on your journey and realise they are some of the indicators of where to reclaim your power. I sell and talk to peoples greatness. So I repeat, you are enough.


You are enough, you are respected, you are accepted and appreciated. You are all of these things the moment you choose to be, from that place you can access the action, the doing, and create what you want.

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